Welcome to Hungry Donkey, a modern Greek food restaurant in London specialising in simple, authentic Greek cuisine. Inspired by classic Greek street food our focus is on quick and enticing dishes served up in hip surroundings for the hungry folks of east London. All of our dishes can be eaten with us or made to go, so whether you want to swing by to pick up a quick breakfast or lunch or settle in for a relaxing dinner, Hungry Donkey is the place for you.

Our food brings together fresh flavours with an emphasis on simplicity and responsibly-sourced ingredients. We have seasonal specials, as well as a host of traditional favourites, and we also cater for vegetarians and vegans. We are extremely proud of our all-Greek wine and spirits menu and have brought together a unique and exciting range of wines, beers and spirits from all around Greece. If you are looking for Greek restaurants in London, visit Hungry Donkey.



We strongly believe in using meats that have been raised in a sustainable and ethical manner throughout their life. We are proud to list award-winning butchers Aubrey Allen as our meat supplier.

Our lamb is sourced from Cornish and Devonshire farms, where they roam free in the herb rich countryside, surrounded by the warm and gentle climate.

Our pork is free-range, naturally-reared Blythburgh by award winning farmer Jimmy Butler in Suffolk. They are raised in a carefree environment in big open spaces by the seaside, and are raised for longer than average in order to intensify their succulence and flavour.

Our free-range chicken is naturally-reared Cotswold White Chicken, cared for by farmer Robert Caldecott who makes sure the chickens live a longer than average life in a stress-free home.

Our sausage is wild boar, pork and leek. The wild boar are free-range and are reared in an ideal and unique surrounding on Mount Olympus, Greece, by the Fotiadis family.

We are very proud to list a selection of unpasteurised craft beer made by Greek microbreweries Septem and Marea, coupled with beer from our two local and innovative breweries Fourpure and Crate Brewery.

Our carefully selected wine selection lists unique Greek grape varieties, some of them ancient, from all over Greece.

Come and enjoy our authentic Greek food and drink!


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